The Shadow Is Light


In the shadows do I feel comfort,

For when there’s far too much light I feel too exposed,

I need a buffer to protect me,

Where this shield lets shadows & lights happily play,

And through the darkness I see light,

And in this light where my senses are wide awake,

They breathe as if for the first time,

A new concept,

A new presence,

A new life,


My tastebuds are active,

My eyes can see farther than the universe that exists,

The smell is poignant,

The touch is more than one body can endure,

It’s familiar yet so foreign,


I hold onto the shadows tight as if they were memories,

I say hello to the new,

I bid adieu to the necessary,

For each shadow has its own affair,

And light keeps them healthy,

In the brightness do they start to grow,

They sprout into purpose,

I struggle to clutch onto these shadows,

For I tug and they push,

As the fight continues I cannot get enough,

I want them to jab me,

It feels good when I can’t win,

For if these shadows leave me,

The light will prove the pen and I have fallen in love,

Yet even then,

I ask these shadows to hold me tight,



#nightlyscribbles #fictitiouspoemstructure #breaktimeboredom #whyfollowtherulesofwriting #mypoemisstillapoeminmymind #butforthesakeofwritingiwillresearchpoemstructure #poeticanarchist #werd


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