Where is my mind?!


We wonder. We think. We feel. Yet we don’t know the answer or the truth as to what our mind consists of. Yeah surely science has its facts and philosophers have their theories, but in all reality where is the mind? Where is your mind? Where is my mind?

The conscious in our waking lives uses the mind to function in daily routine. Get up. Do stuff. Eat. Work. Make the day good. Hope it is of use. In addition, we have control and the power to use our minds for purpose & reasoning behind why we get up, do stuff, eat, work, make the day good and hope it is of use. Our minds on Earth seek (or not) to be of use to our individual selves and (to some) our culture & society. Where is the mind in waking lives?! Here in this universe, on this planet, for some extent.

Now the unconscious in sleep/dream state, or other, uses the mind without approval of its keeper. The mind (for most) has no control of how it will function yet continues to mobilize. It dreams of people, places and situations that might be similar as to those times in our waking lives, but at the same time can be of places, people and situations that are unknown in our awakened realities that we may have never even encountered. Sometimes we dream of things that we know of and other times we dream of things we’ve never encountered. And in those moments I wonder, where is my mind? Did it travel to places and times beyond what is known?!

Those are the infinite places that I always get lost. When I’m dreaming I don’t think too much of it and it seems too close to reality, yet when I wake up, I am bewildered. In reality I can get lost too. I try to find a map as to what direction I need to go to get from Point A to Point B, but then again, I wonder where I’m even trying to go. Where is my destiny? Where can I find reality? Where shall my imagination take me? Where does my passion for writing come from? Where does the heart seek happiness? Where lies the truth? Where can I organize my feelings? Where shall I be content? Where is my mind?

With all the questions I come to only one answer. Fuck it. Who cares. I love my mind…where ever it is.


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