Band Aid

Band Aid - Still 1

Sometimes, some things are just… kismet. Watching the movie Band Aid was a splendidly serendipitous night. It was meant to happen. It was meant to be. And I’m so happy about it. What a wonderful treat.

That night, PB had some guy friends meet up at our house before heading out to see the band Highly Suspect  at the The Fonda Theatre. PB invited me to tag along, but it was a “guys night.” Although I’m a feminist in my own definitive way, going out on a guys night with the guys proves that ‘guys nights’ don’t necessarily mean just for a group of guys…or should it? Does that defeat the purpose of calling it a ‘guys night’?! Is that sexist of me for assuming males and females should not have nights out only of that particular sex? That’s all for another blahg rant I suppose… I didn’t want to go out with the guys and I wanted the guys to just be with the guys. Why ruin their night of fully retained machismo? I didn’t want my estrogen to mess with their testosterone. I wanted them to have fun. I wanted them to rock out with their cocks out…actually I take back that latter. Please keep the cocks in their appropriate ballparks…get it?! Okay stupid joke, I’ll stop this tangent and go straight back into why I’m writing this blah-blah-blog: Band Aid.

After the boys and I decided to go our separate ways that night…(I’m making it sound like a break-up…it wasn’t…we all still get along just fine), I looked up movie times at Arclight Hollywood to see what was playing. Wonder Woman had come out the same weekend, but that had to be saved for another night I like to call “fangeek night” with the PB.  So… since I was saving Wonder Women for the following night, I decided to watch Band Aid.

I didn’t know too much about Band Aid. I read an article about summer movie releases and Band Aid had come up as as a June release. I read the synopsis and was interested in watching the movie, but since movies have become an expensive treat, I didn’t know if it would have to be a movie I would have to wait to watch at a later date due to financial difficulties (i.e. fangeek budgeted expenses per movies, comic books, concerts and live comedy shows). WellI chose to live on the edge that night and spend my hard earned cash on going to see Band Aid, even though I had just bought four new tires for my car. I deserved to buy myself a solo date right?! YOLO.

So fuckin’ happy I did. I had found a new thing to fangeek on.

You might like it if:

  • You’re into indie films or romance comedies or wanna start getting into indie films and romance comedies
  • You like good music and want to discover new bands (PLEASE ZOE LISTER-JONES, ADAM PALLY & FRED ARMISEN OFFICIALLY BE A BAND!!! Too good to not be…)
  • You’re not into romance comedies or indie films, but want to be more open minded and supportive of the plethora of films and not disregard movies that aren’t blockbusters
  • You want to support a movie that was made with an entire female crew (true fact)
  • You’re smart and by that I mean are (or will be) fans of Zoe Lister-Jones & Adam Pally
  • You’re in a relationship that you think is failing or succeeding and need a reality check that relationships all have a commonality in which we call “fights”
  • You want to hear great melodies to good music with a sense of humor in the lyrics
  • You like stoner comedies (‘cuz it’s a stoner movie in a sense that the couple in the movie are in fact big time potheads…which is pretty cute in a sober way)
  • You like entertaining stuff and want to be entertained by some stuff


B3RNTR33 ENTHUSIASM (on a scale of 1-10): 9

(1 being: You wish you could take back the time you wasted watching & listening to stinky poop-poops full of frivilous annoyances -AND- 10: You wanted to cry, jump up & down, laugh, punch someone in the face ‘cuz you don’t know why your so excited & stoked )

B3RNTR33 AUDIENCE VIEWER ENJOYMENT TYPE: I didn’t know what to expect going into the movie. As I’ve said, I’m not really a big romance comedy fan but there are exceptions. I’m not a “big” fan where I have to watch it on opening weekend, but there are some I truly love. Who doesn’t love There’s Something about Mary or 50 First Dates or Clueless or Forgetting Sarah Marshall or My Best Friend’s Wedding? The list goes on… Band Aid can now be included on the list of great romance comedies.

The movie’s pacing keeps the audience engaged. When the music is played in certain scenes it almost gives the illusion of watching a music video because the songs are that good! The story line is interesting and informs the audience, as it is known by most (or all), that couples fight…even over the most minuscule things. Fred Armisen is amazingly wonderful as well and a delight to watch as the character he plays cannot be played by anyone else in the same way. Armisen’s backstory offers an eclectic sense of humor which is both sweet & sour. Going into the film knowing nothing about Zoe Lister-Jones or Adam Pally, I thought they were a couple in real life. The chemistry between the two were utterly adorable. I’ve officially joined the Zoe & Adam fan club! Not officially but yes, I am now a fan. Both men and women will love the film because some of the dialogue just hits reality for most couples, unfortunately. It keeps it real and isn’t really unfortunate.

I left the movie theater unable to stop talking about the movie and haven’t stopped since. I actually just finished telling someone about it before I typed this sentence.

Also a treat, was that I got to see a Q&A with Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally, Brooklyn Decker, Majandra Delfino and was moderated by Busy Phillips. I didn’t even know there was a Q&A until the credits came up at the end and no one left their seat. It was great to hear what they had about the movie. Check out their music video too!

Synopsis: After repetitious fights, a married couple decide putting their arguments behind lyrics & melodies and start a band together.

B3RNTR33′s take on the movie: The reason I loved Band Aid is because it was unlike any romance comedy made and yet was not out of the norm. It wasn’t the same story where the main character just got cheated on or can’t find love and all of sudden meets this person who changes their perspective after bumping into them a few times or because one continues to persist finally making the other person realize they are in love and meant to be together. It was familiar, but different.

The movie proves true that most couples DO struggle with where they are in life both as a couple as well as individually with what they need for themselves. The dynamic was amazing. It put perspective into what I think majority of those in relationships forget and that is that ALL relationships need WORK for a relationship TO WORK. It’s not always a bed of roses.

What I think I loved most about Band Aid is the music. Oh-me-oh-my, the music. I love music. Actually…I fuckin’ looove music. The music was so artistic with such fun beats you cannot help but want to listen to the soundtrack on repeat. It was like a musical without being a musical. They didn’t break into song, but kinda did in their own non-musical show way.

I take back the ‘loved the most about Band Aid is the music’ because I loved the entire film. I am so stoked to have randomly went to  watch Band Aid because I knew nothing about Zoe Lister-Jones or Adam Pally, whom by the way, I’m huge fans of now. Zoe Lister-Jones is truly inspiring. Her talent as a director, writer, musician, artist, the list goes on…is admirable. It’s wonderful to see such remarkable people proving that passion can be spread throughout all parts of life including music, film and art. That you don’t necessarily have to hone in on just one passion.

After watching the movie, I couldn’t help but to tell everyone about it. I am a free walking advertisement and still am.


Where is my mind?!

We wonder. We think. We feel. Yet we don’t know the answer or the truth as to what our mind consists of. Yeah surely science has its facts and philosophers have their theories, but in all reality where is the mind? Where is your mind? Where is my mind?

The conscious in our waking lives uses the mind to function in daily routine. Get up. Do stuff. Eat. Work. Make the day good. Hope it is of use. In addition, we have control and the power to use our minds for purpose & reasoning behind why we get up, do stuff, eat, work, make the day good and hope it is of use. Our minds on Earth seek (or not) to be of use to our individual selves and (to some) our culture & society. Where is the mind in waking lives?! Here in this universe, on this planet, for some extent.

Now the unconscious in sleep/dream state, or other, uses the mind without approval of its keeper. The mind (for most) has no control of how it will function yet continues to mobilize. It dreams of people, places and situations that might be similar as to those times in our waking lives, but at the same time can be of places, people and situations that are unknown in our awakened realities that we may have never even encountered. Sometimes we dream of things that we know of and other times we dream of things we’ve never encountered. And in those moments I wonder, where is my mind? Did it travel to places and times beyond what is known?!

Those are the infinite places that I always get lost. When I’m dreaming I don’t think too much of it and it seems too close to reality, yet when I wake up, I am bewildered. In reality I can get lost too. I try to find a map as to what direction I need to go to get from Point A to Point B, but then again, I wonder where I’m even trying to go. Where is my destiny? Where can I find reality? Where shall my imagination take me? Where does my passion for writing come from? Where does the heart seek happiness? Where lies the truth? Where can I organize my feelings? Where shall I be content? Where is my mind?

With all the questions I come to only one answer. Fuck it. Who cares. I love my mind…where ever it is.

End of Watch


I love movies.

I appreciate all film whether it’s good or bad because as easy as it may be to watch a movie and say, “I could have made a better movie than that…why would they even make that it sucked…” or “I have an idea…I should write it and I could sell it to a studio or make a novel!!!” in actuality it’s very very very difficult to write one up, let alone a satisfying one.

Having an idea for a story is completely different from creating an outline for a story. That’s why no matter what happens in a movie whether poorly outlined or completely mind-blowing I respect the creativity and demonstration of an idea brought to life.

Most recently I watched the film, “End of Watch.” The story follows two police officers who are longtime partners and friends. The two men encounter criminals in which they’re accustomed to but everyday is different.

So you might like it if:

  • You’re into police officer type movies
  • You like Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Michael Pena
  • You want to watch something out of the ordinary that you don’t necessarily think is that out of the ordinary but you want it to be an unordinary day so watching a movie you haven’t seen counts as out of the ordinary
  • You want to be more openminded when it comes to cops
  • You’re a writer that likes crime dramas & good story lines and are looking for some inspiration
  • You want to see something that makes you happy, sad, nervous, hopeful, fearful and then whatever else you might just feel ‘cuz we’re different people
  • You love the show “Cops”
  • You’re bored
  • You want to be entertained
  • You can’t figure out what to watch on Netflix and none of your friends are texting back recommendations on what to watch
  • You can’t fall asleep, but you don’t want to watch something scary


B3RNTR33 ENTHUSIASM (on a scale of 1-10): 9

(1 being: You wish you could take back the time you wasted watching & listening to stinky poop-poops full of frivilous annoyances -AND- 10: You wanted to cry, jump up & down, laugh, punch someone in the face ‘cuz you don’t know why your so excited & stoked )

B3RNTR33 AUDIENCE VIEWER ENJOYMENT TYPE: I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. This movie was entertaining from beginning to end. It kept my mind focused on the story and I didn’t feel like missing a beat or going to the bathroom to pee (sometimes when I can’t tune-in with what is happening in a movie I take like a bathroom break, a water break and then start to pull out my notepad to jot my own stuff down…sorry “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countrymen”, your story was one of those but either way, I still respect you). Anyhow… in “End of Watch,” there is just enough action to keep it action-packed yet it wasn’t just an action movie where the story is just the action and nothing but action. There is a rooted moral and story that kept my mind engaged throughout the entire film.

Synopsis: Police partners Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala patrol the streets of Los Angeles county and encounter some usual and unusual suspects. 

B3RNTR33′s take on the movie: I really enjoy different perspectives. This movie did not necessarily have a different perspective in what I would perceive would be in the lives of a police officer, but the way the movie is shot and the way in which the writer and director tells this particular story is distinct. The construction and creativity that is used in this film is very much original. I especially love Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie. I was never a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, but in this movie I really couldn’t help it but be fond of & adore the two characters. This movie actually made me a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal… (it’s weird how a character or movie can create this kindred emotion to a fictional being, but somehow it does for me every once in a while). Michael Pena is always awesome (I might be bias because he skateboards too). Pena & Gyllenhaal are such a strong duo. The chemistry and relationship between the two comes to life in such a way that you feel this connection with them and a regard for what they do. There’s such a great partnership with the two of them in this film that I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to see any other two actors play the two roles. The storyline is made simple so it’s very easy to follow, but the way the story is laid out is exceptional. I might have just been having a good day or something, but in my opinion it’s one of the best cop-type movies I’ve seen in awhile.


Why I like writing…


When I was a kid and all the way up to my late teens I always wanted to be an actress. I thought it’d be so much fun to play make-believe, pretend and be part of a fictional reality where make-believe was put into a moving visual with sounds, colors and things beyond what we each imagine ourselves. A place where we can let go of our own emotions and for a moment live in a fictional yet realistic world. Then I realized I’m too shy, ugly and awkward for something like that. Good thing I realized that there’s a difference between writing & acting.

Acting is hard and I definitely don’t have the balls for such a thing. I then also realized that I wouldn’t be the one creating this fantasy. I couldn’t say to the producer, director or writer, “Oh well I think instead of her wanting to be with a ‘cool rider’…why doesn’t she just buy her own motorcycle and all the Pink Ladies ride the motorcycles and the T-Birds are their fan club…no? Damnit I quit.”

It took me some time to realize that I wanted to be a writer and also understand that I was capable of being a writer. I fuckin’ suck at proper grammar (as you can see), but I’m resourceful when it comes to “what-ifs” – “ands” – “buts” -and/or- “why nots.” I realized that although there are some specific writing jobs that require proper grammar, the writing I do doesn’t…well…maybe it does, but fuck it I’m gonna continue to write for the love of it. The biggest push in me writing is those that have inspired me to do so. There’s so many people that inspire my writing but the ones that always come to mind and that keep me wanting to push to accomplish my goals in writing are: Kurt Sutter, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Melissa Rosenberg, Ray Bradbury, Garth Innes, Kurt Cobain, Charles Bukowski, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Tina Fey, Mark Twain, Kevin Smith, Helen Keller, Larry David, Dan Brown, Martin Scorsese, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, David Hershkovits and Albert Einstein…really…there’s far too many people I’m a fan-geek of, but those are the ones that came to my mind immediately while typing this. This assortment of artists bring inspiration to me because their work has touched me emotionally & mentally. Their stories are beautiful. Their ideas are unique. They say things that make me go, “Oh shit, I never thought of it that way…” or, “I was thinking the same thing! I love ________…!!!” or “I wish we were best friends I love how their mind works…”

I can’t choose a specific type of writing as my favorite (although moving pictures & beautiful sounds are very therapeutic to my soul). Yet, there’s something about writing that calls to me beyond the material world. For me, there’s a difficulty in creating my own authentic puzzle of words. Like my mom always tells me, “Bern, you know you’re a Jill of all trades but a master of none…” When she tells me that I know she’s being sarcastic, but at the same time I totally agree.

There’s a science to everything and that’s what I love about humanity. We can learn & create things like each task in life is a science project. We have the freewill to do so. We can freely do things when we want, how we want or even if we don’t want to we don’t have to (sometimes). Unlike other living animals and living organisms; we as humans have cognition, cogitation and contemplation. Those are beautiful things.

The reason why I like writing is because for me, it’s the hardest mission for me to fulfill. It gives me this frustration yet motivation and I can’t help but be totally infatuated with the “what-ifs” – “ands” – “buts” -and/or- “why nots” that boggle my mind and keep me drawn to writing more & more & more. It’s my outlet in which the make-believe and the reality in my thought process bump into each other and make explosive love. I like to come up with stories or have deep philosophical conversations yet sometimes my talks with people could be too long and easily side-tracked with another subject off-topic and in the end my family and friends go, “Wait what are you talking about? I got the first part of it, but I got lost like an hour ago…” I love my friends and family for not punching me in the face for talking too long about the most strangest of things.

No matter what, if my writing never gets recognition nor gets sold, either way it doesn’t matter because why I like writing is why I like writing.

So…if you’re thinking about writing…do it…just do it.




Now get to writing…I’m talking to both you and me…okay…back to pen & paper…adios!!



Michael Carrington & Stephanie Zinone


Oh Steph, that’s why you made Grease 2 my favorite Grease movie…your love for motorcycles, your sarcasm, your steezy style, weird accent and working at the gas station are why I wanted to be you when I was 6 years old when caught the movie on tv.

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