Looking for a new binge worthy show?! Look no further. FUTURE MAN is here...well not literally here, but on Hulu which is close to here 'cuz this IS the internet but not quite here-here 'cuz this is not a streaming network but more of just a blahblahblog. You get it. You're asking yourself: "Is it... Continue Reading →


Band Aid

Sometimes, some things are just... kismet. Watching the movie Band Aid was a splendidly serendipitous night. It was meant to happen. It was meant to be. And I'm so happy about it. What a wonderful treat. That night, PB had some guy friends meet up at our house before heading out to see the band... Continue Reading →

Where is my mind?!

We wonder. We think. We feel. Yet we don't know the answer or the truth as to what our mind consists of. Yeah surely science has its facts and philosophers have their theories, but in all reality where is the mind? Where is your mind? Where is my mind? The conscious in our waking lives... Continue Reading →

End of Watch

I love movies. I appreciate all film whether it's good or bad because as easy as it may be to watch a movie and say, "I could have made a better movie than that...why would they even make that it sucked..." or "I have an idea...I should write it and I could sell it to... Continue Reading →

Why I like writing…

When I was a kid and all the way up to my late teens I always wanted to be an actress. I thought it'd be so much fun to play make-believe, pretend and be part of a fictional reality where make-believe was put into a moving visual with sounds, colors and things beyond what we... Continue Reading →

Michael Carrington & Stephanie Zinone

Oh Steph, that's why you made Grease 2 my favorite Grease movie...your love for motorcycles, your sarcasm, your steezy style, weird accent and working at the gas station are why I wanted to be you when I was 6 years old when caught the movie on tv. #michaelcarrington #stephaniezinone #maxwellcaulfield #michellepfeiffer #grease2 #kenfinkleman #patriciabirch #freedomisawesome... Continue Reading →

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