Where is my mind?!

We wonder. We think. We feel. Yet we don't know the answer or the truth as to what our mind consists of. Yeah surely science has its facts and philosophers have their theories, but in all reality where is the mind? Where is your mind? Where is my mind? The conscious in our waking lives... Continue Reading →


Why I like writing…

When I was a kid and all the way up to my late teens I always wanted to be an actress. I thought it'd be so much fun to play make-believe, pretend and be part of a fictional reality where make-believe was put into a moving visual with sounds, colors and things beyond what we... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing ‘Bout That Oldschool

It's been quite awhile since I've wrote anything on this live journal of mine. Sometimes I look back at the things I've written and think, "wow I'm lame." Then I realize, "yes I'm lame." And then I think, "I'm really fuckin' okay with that." There's this new place down the street that's opened up by... Continue Reading →

i REALLY had this dream…

Dreams are strange...I always have the strangest dreams...for weeks I'll remember each one in detail...and then a week later I can't remember anything I dreamed about at all...It's strange...I don't know if other people are weird like me but I hope so...I've had dreams about unicorns & purple rivers and drinking the water from the... Continue Reading →

How Do You Feel

I can't change you You can't change me So can't we agree To disagree Cuz what's the point Why the hate When you do you And I'll do the same Cuz we're different Yet so alike We each individual We each have likes So hard to think So hard to show What people feel What... Continue Reading →

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