Looking for a new binge worthy show?! Look no further. FUTURE MAN is here...well not literally here, but on Hulu which is close to here 'cuz this IS the internet but not quite here-here 'cuz this is not a streaming network but more of just a blahblahblog. You get it. You're asking yourself: "Is it... Continue Reading →


End of Watch

I love movies. I appreciate all film whether it's good or bad because as easy as it may be to watch a movie and say, "I could have made a better movie than that...why would they even make that it sucked..." or "I have an idea...I should write it and I could sell it to... Continue Reading →

Tyler the Creator’s new album: WOLF

I have this thing about music... and I call it love. I really fangeek on things and love so many things in fact, but one that I'm strongly passionate about is music & films. For some reason, music & films are almost like therapy and a healing treatment. Films & music have gotten me through... Continue Reading →

“The Muppets”

Growing up watching "Jim Henson's The Muppet Show" and "The Muppet Babies" I was curious to see Jason Segel's movie "The Muppets." Jason Segel & Amy Adams with "The Muppets" crew Jim Henson is the 'o.g. of o.g.'s' when it comes to puppets. Jim Henson and a few of The Muppets characters Jim Henson was... Continue Reading →

Art & Copy

This is my first "Review-ish" type blahblahblah'g on this blog... I used to do it before when Myspace was cool... (Myspace was always lame in an 'its okay to have one' kinda way)... not really, but I started to try to do reviews then I gave up on myself but now am trying again. So...... Continue Reading →

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