Where is my mind?!

We wonder. We think. We feel. Yet we don't know the answer or the truth as to what our mind consists of. Yeah surely science has its facts and philosophers have their theories, but in all reality where is the mind? Where is your mind? Where is my mind? The conscious in our waking lives... Continue Reading →


The Scholastic 1. Part 2.

Lucky her. She never was wrong. Or that's what she thought. She was the president of her senior class. She did everything. She was on the volleyball team. She ran a few of the extra curricular programs which included "Future Successors of America." She had it all and she wanted it all. She had no... Continue Reading →

The Popular 1. Part 1.

Lucky him. He never got made fun of. He was popular on campus. He had no worries. No struggles to feel accepted. Was it confidence that saved him? A fundamental way of thinking so self-righteous about himself? Is that the key to success? To have no cares what others think. To poke fun at his... Continue Reading →

To Satan; Love Your Biggest Fan

Dear Satan, I'm writing to you because I'm like your biggest fan. You're like so cool! Everyone knows you. You're like sooo popular. They even talk about you in songs it's like so unreal. And not just like one type of style of songs, you're like in ALL types of songs: hip hop, punk, metal,... Continue Reading →

Proud Moments of Accomplishing Nothing

I feel proud tonight. Proud about nothing really. I didn't do too much today, but I had a great productive day full of doing nothing. I do nothing awesomely in fact. I did nothing with my girl cousins all day. We did nothing but dye each others' hair, order take-out, watch the Lakers vs. Knicks... Continue Reading →

Breaking up is hard to do.

To my beloved one,I know this may come as a surprise, but I think we need some time apart. It's not you, it's me, I promise. It's been so long that I've thought about doing this. I don't want to break-up forever, I just think we need some distance from one another. You've always been... Continue Reading →

I wanna write… I am a writer.

I keep telling myself................ Let me rephrase that... I keep asking myself: Am I destined to be a writer? Are we here for a specific reason? Or is it that all we are supposed to know is to live each day happy, to the fullest and blessed without worry of what's to come tomorrow? Is... Continue Reading →

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